Conference Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Levine’s treatments are making a big difference to my feet! She has injected hyaluronic acid into my badly arthritic toe twice. When I went in for treatment even a bed sheet brushing up against my toe caused pain. After Dr. Levine’s treatment I am 100% pain free. No need for surgery, the injections have kept me pain free for six months at a time and allowed me to get back to my regular exercise routine. Also Sculptra injections into the balls of my feet have made a huge improvement for me.” ~ Anonymous in New York, NY

“I went to Dr Levine as I was referred to her by a friend as I was seeking a cosmetic podiatrist in NYC.  She had a great bedside manner as is an expert in foot procedures. i was very happy with my experience and highly recommend Dr Levine to family and friends.” ~ Tom L NJ

“Dr. Levine is the reason I can walk today with her pillows for the feet procedure. I went to 5 doctors supposedly ‘the best of the best in NYC and no one could help the pain on the balls of my feet. I felt like I was walking on my bones. With her trademarked procedure she changed my life and gave me back more then she will ever understand. I am so grateful to her and absolutely recommend her expertise as a superior physician. I can walk dance and travel and enjoy my life. Thank you!!!” ~ Nancy R in NY NY

“Dr. Levine has been my podiatrist for over a decade. During my travels, for convenience sake, I went elsewhere for my podiatry needs. I stopped doing that long ago. I learned whether my needs were to treat foot fungus, hammer toes, foot pain, in-grown toe nail or hang nail, only Dr. Levine and her staff has managed to thoroughly alleviate or cure my intermittent conditions. I am grateful to her for working with my medical insurance when needed. It helps that I know my insurance policy & coverage as well.” ~ Gloria D. NY

“Dr. Levine is a wonderful doctor!  So caring and truly concerned for her patients. Her work is magnificent! I just had bunion surgery and it has been one week today and I had absolutely NO PAIN.  I did not even have to take any pain medicine. My husband had extensive surgery on his Achilles tendon a few months ago and he is also doing great! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Levine for any foot ailments or for surgery!  Good luck!” ~ Joyce B.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Levine for nine years. She’s an artist-she hid the incisions for my double bunionectomy on the side, and now you can’t tell that there was ever anything wrong with my feet. I feel very lucky to have her as my podiatrist.” ~ Rena in Brooklyn, NY

“Dr. Levine is an excellent Doctor. She could tell right away what was happening to my feet. She gave me some pillow pads for my feet, which was exactly what I needed for my sandals. The EPAT system seems to relieve my inflammation from my feet. I’m so lucky to have found her and her wonderful staff! I try to make an appointment whenever I’m in the city.” ~ Sue I. PA